Celebrity City Chorus

Celebrity City Chorus thrives because of the energy and style of the
people who have stepped up to lead.
Here are a few of the people that make our ensemble tick:


Patti Goin - Assistant Director:Originally from a small town in New York, Patti has lived in Missouri, France, Germany, Colorado, Idaho, and Nevada, with short stays in South Carolina and Indiana for military training. Her mother taught her to read music at age 4. She’s played flute, saxophone, guitar, and some piano, joining Sweet Adelines in 1986 and has sung in four choruses (Velvet Hills in Region #8, Pocatello Showcase in Region #24, and Valley of Fire and Celebrity City Chorus in Region #11) and three registered quartets. Patti’s been an assistant director since 1989, and is a Certified Director who served as the Director Certification Program (DCP) Coordinator for Region #11 for several years. She has sung 3 of the 4 parts, serving as a section leader for basses, tenors, and baritones.  She and her husband Don share their home with two cats (King Tut and Ramses), and several hundred hippos who don’t take all that much space, since they range from ¼ inch to approximately 1/3 life size (in the back yard).


Section Leaders

Rose Hettinga & Patti Goin  - Tenor

Amy Jo Lombardo & Joanne Ianocone - Lead

Chrissy Millard & Vicky Tomasino - Baritone

Cheryl Rodrigues & Donna Minninger - Bass

Donna Minninger  - Bass Section Leader

Music Team Staff

Choreographer:  Amy Lombardo

Vocal Skills Building Team Coordinator:  Patti Goin

Vocal Skills Building Team:              Dyanna Denari, Patti Goin, Rose Hettinga,

                                                            Joan Jones, Chrissy Millard, Jan Sloan

Visual Coordinator:  Jan Sloan

Costume Chair:  Rose Hettinga 

Hair & Make-up Chair:  Anita Treichel

Performance Coordinator:  Donna Mininger

Quartet Promotions:  Dyanna Denari

Librarian:  Diane Cassell

Pitch Pipe Manager:  Cheryl Rodrigues

Booking Agent:  Lynn Robinson




Susan Kirby/President

Colleen McCormick/Vice President

Gladys Katen/Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair*

Joanne Ianocone/Corresponding Secretary

Diane Cassell/Recording Secretary 

Judy Bowen/Membership Coordinator

Kristen Kujat-Szymanski/Marketing Coordinator

Virginia Winning/Ways and Means Chair

Linda Kasper/Member-at-Large

Jan Sloan/Member-at-Large

Anita Treichel/Member-at-Large

*Finance Committee:  Melody Carter/Dues   Anita Treichel/Contracts



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